What is Schema.RDFS.org?

In early June 2011, the three big search engines Bing, Google and Yahoo! introduced Schema.org, a collection of terms that webmasters can use to markup their pages to improve the display of search results. This site is a complementary effort by people from the Linked Data community to support Schema.org deployment and usage with a special focus on Linked Data:

  • We provide markup examples and tutorials about publishing & consuming data with Schema.org terms.
  • We maintain mappings from Web Data vocabularies such as the DBpedia ontology to Schema.org terms.
  • We list tools and libraries that are able to consume or produce Schema.org-based data.
  • We automatically scrape the Schema.org terms on a daily basis and generate the following formats:

    Warning! These files are outdated and no longer maintained. See here for the scraper source code in case you want to try running it yourself, or here for our ongoing efforts to provide up-to-date downloads directly from Schema.org, or here for an up-to-date OWL version produced by TopQuadrant.

Note that the official RDFa 1.1 lite and HTML (and outdated OWL) versions of the terms are directly maintained at Schema.org and independent from the above presented formats.

Last Updated: 26 March 2015