Behind the scene ...

How can I contribute?

Now, this has turned into a community project and you can contribute: let us know about which features you want to see here or if you have comments about the mapping. To keep this process manageable, please file an issue on Github or clone the git repository and send in a pull request.

Why are you doing this and how did this happen?

When we first heard about, we had a DERI-internal discussion on how to deal with this new development. Just an hour after Michael sent out the announcement, Giovanni was the first to suggest creating a mapping. In the morning of the next day we started to develop a scraper with great support from the ScraperWiki team. Richard then took this work further and finalised the scraper. Then, we set up this site with the support of John, who donated the sub-domain on In less than 24h we provided an initial mapping of the terms to RDF and announced it to the public.

End of June 2011, the sponsors Bing, Google and Yahoo! announced an official OWL version of the terms, directly served off of their site. As you can imagine, this development rendered the original function of our site obsolete and caused us to re-think the purpose of our site. We decided that the best way to contribute to the community is to turn into a support activity with a special focus on Linked Data.

And thanks go out to ...

As per 8 June 2011, the LOD-Around-The-Clock Support Action (LATC) has officially endorsed the activity and supports the further development.

Our thanks for support, suggestions and feedback on the mapping go out to the following people (in alphabetical order): Thomas Bandholtz, John Breslin, Lin Clark, St├ęphane Corlosquet, Hugh Glaser, Pat Hayes, Sebastian Heath, Aidan Hogan, Gregg Kellogg, Holger Knublauch, Kingsley Idehen, Giovanni Tummarello, Bernard Vatant, Csaba Veres.

Last Updated: 21 December 2011