Mappings of Web data vocabularies to terms ...


The DBpedia ontology is a collection of terms from the DBpedia project. The mapping from DBpedia to terms is available.

Dublin Core

Dublin Core is a general purpose vocabulary. The DCMI Alignment Task Group is working on a mapping. A draft of the mappings of Dublin Core Terms to is available (Note: this is work in progress).


FOAF is a vocabulary for describing people, their characteristics and social networking features. The mapping will be available soon ...


GoodRelations is a vocabulary to describe products and product offerings. Learn more about the relation between GoodRelations and


SIOC is a vocabulary for describing online communities and posts (blogs, mailing lists, Wiki pages, etc.). The mapping from SIOC to terms is available.


The Bibliographic Ontology is a vocabulary for describing bibliographic things (books, articles, patents, quotes...). A partial mapping from BIBO to terms is available.


WordNet® is a large lexical database of English. A comprehensive mapping from WordNet to terms is available.


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Last Updated: 12 January 2012